A couple of
totally random
facts about me.

1. I wake up every day before sunrise.
Usually to ride my bike.
2. I grew up on a goat farm in Brazil.
3. The first time I accessed the internet was the day Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world. It wasn't on an iPhone though.
4 . I’m completely passionate about the 80’s – it’s the best decade by far.
5. I'm addicted to Panettone. The best food in the world for sure.
6. My first job was teaching seniors how to use the computer.
7. I play a lot of video games.
PlayStation FTW.
8. One of my favorite quotes is “The cake is a lie” from the game Portal.
9. Even though I'm Brazilian, I'm the worst soccer player ever.
10. I Zwift. More than I should, less than I’d like.